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Whereas some racing titles make the bureaucratic side of racing a major component of career mode, here it’s blissfully simple. Choose from a range of candidates that offer various vehicle or event bonuses, and you can choose sponsor challenges as well. That’s it, though you’ll want to check back every now and then for new sponsor challenges and better employees to hire. Romping around on an Xbox One X with options for gamepad or force-feedback wheel control, the arcade action feels just fine to me. I think it would be more audibly appeasing for the rock-style music to just simply play throughout the game.

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A bunch of cargo sits in the back of your vehicle and the road ahead doesn’t speak well of Russia. Downed trees, stray logs, random ponds, and other stuff covers the track. Hit one mega pothole and moon-like gravity sends your cargo up and away. Trucks Off Road has fairly typical gameplay compared to other Off-Road racing games. In general, the player’s goal is to sit in his car and try to finish first in the races.

  • Monster Truck Destruction is the first game I can remember that uses commercial breaks as their ad-support.
  • One other aspect I like is that there are sponsor offers that you can accept and earn money from by completing the challenges in events.
  • Get stuck into stunning and spectacular monster truck competitions and destroy under your huge vehicle anything your eyes rest upon.
  • If you’re looking for actual Monster Truck Championship gameplay footage, check out the video below from SLAPTrain.

Vividd Games has successfully put efforts and engineered a sophisticated crash software. Try it for yourself, I am pretty sure that you will see more information like it too. Nacon However, the racing is undermined by some obvious problems. Firstly, there’s no race map of any form, which makes circuits harder to anticipate, especially when there are two routes to choose from.

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Instead, Steam’s roster focuses on the EPA-infuriating, super polluting, car crushing machine acrobatics in their truest real world form. Delving deep into this forgotten sub-genre shows… not much, actually. Games about monster trucks crushing cars and doing sick jumps are rare and mostly terrible. Steam added 7,000 games in 2017, and not one of them was about monster trucks.

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